Emergency Disaster Services

Combatting Natural Disasters

A disaster can change someone’s life in a matter of seconds. When tornadoes, floods and other disasters strike, The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services provides critical services to make sure survivors have the support needed to rebuild their lives.

In the event of a disaster, we’re your hub for updates on the most needed supplies and how you can help the survivors – by donating or training to volunteer. We train disaster volunteers year-round at locations throughout Texas. Train to become an on-call disaster volunteer.

We’re known for being the first service agency to arrive and the last to leave – our commitment is to help people through to the end. Once the dust settles, our staff and volunteers stay for weeks, months or even years until we’ve done all we can to help.

Get up to date news from the national Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services website, and find out how The Salvation Army EDS teams are involved in providing assistance across the country in times of disaster.

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Disaster Services We Provide

Food Services

Our Texas fleet of 43 mobile kitchens, each with the capacity to provide 2,500 meals per day, are stocked and ready for deployment at a moments notice in times of disaster. They travel the streets to provide hot meals to survivors and relief workers. We also have a 54 ft Field Kitchen that can set up a meal station near busy work sites or in community locations where neighbors and volunteers gather for support.

Spiritual Ministry

When you feel hurt, upset or overwhelmed, turn to our staff and volunteers for support. They will pray with you in your time of need, while The Salvation Army Officers can provide pastoral care.


We’ll lend an ear to listen. No matter what’s on your mind, our staff and volunteers are trained in emotional and spiritual care to provide counseling in the wake of disasters.


During a major disaster, time is of the essence in letting families know their loved ones are safe. We locate survivors and provide information to their family and friends through The Salvation Army Team Emergency Response Network (SATERN).


In major disasters, The Salvation Army will set up hubs that provide shelter, meals and counseling, often working closely with partner agencies. When the best option is a short-term hotel stay, we cover the bill.

Donated Goods

Each disaster is unique. We determine what the biggest needs are and seek out individuals and organizations who can provide these items to survivors. This includes food, water, toiletry items, clothes, cleaning supplies, blankets and much more. However, monetary donations are often the most effective and quickest way to support the emergency relief work.

Clean Up and Reconstruction

In major disasters, The Salvation Army can coordinate or assist with cleanup and reconstruction. We have an extensive database of volunteers to enlist for large projects like this.

Financial Assistance

We know it won’t undo what’s been lost – but we can offer financial help as a step toward a brighter future. The Salvation Army has short-term grants for medicine, groceries and other pressing needs. When the road back to normal is a bit longer, we partner with other agencies to give you long-term financial help. What we give, you never have to worry about repaying.

Volunteer Services

We recruit, train and deploy disaster volunteers, sometimes by the thousands. We also help coordinate community volunteers during large-scale efforts.


The Salvation Army works closely with other disaster relief organizations and government agencies to maximize our impact and avoid duplicating services. We are also active members of the Texas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters.