William Booth

A Brief History of The Salvation Army

In 1865, William Booth, an ordained Methodist minister, aided by his wife Catherine, formed an evangelical group dedicated to preaching among the “unchurched” people living in the midst of appalling poverty in London’s East End. Booth’s ministry recognized the interdependence of material, emotional and spiritual needs. In addition to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, Booth became involved in the feeding and shelter of the hungry and homeless and in rehabilitation of alcoholics.

As of 2013 The Salvation Army’s outreach has been expanded to include 126 countries , and the Gospel is preached by its Officers in more than 160 languages.

History of The Salvation Army in Texas

The Salvation Army in Texas was started by an Italian Naval Captain named Adam Janelli. Janelli met The Salvation Army while on a trip to Calcutta, India. There he attended one of the meetings and was so touched by the message that he became one of the most unassuming Salvation Army personalities Texas and the United States have ever known.

In 1888, Janelli came to America and settled in Dallas, Texas. One day, the rough citizens of the then frontier town, were startled out of their composure when Janelli, wearing his Salvation Army uniform, took up a position on a downtown street corner and began preaching. Every time he preached was a great success. People were finding Christ. Eager to get The Salvation Army established in Texas, Janelli would write letters to General William Booth in London asking that Officers be sent to Texas. His letter barrage got so thick that the official word was given, and The Salvation Army of Texas opened in 1889.

Janelli gave both material and spiritual help to the poor and homeless, and to the people of Dallas, he became known as “Mr. Salvation Army.” The people of Dallas could not recall a time that they did not see Janelli in his uniform. Many people doubted that he had any other clothes in his possession.

Today, The Salvation Army in Texas is thriving through the support of people like you. Currently, in Texas , we have more than 155 Officers; all of whom are ordained ministers; more than 1,600 employees and thousands of volunteers, all committed to furthering the mission of The Salvation Army and helping those in need in Jesus’ name.