The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services


A disaster can change someone’s life in a matter of seconds. When tornadoes, floods and other disasters strike, The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services provides critical services to make sure survivors have the support needed to rebuild their lives.

In the event of a disaster, we’re your hub for updates on the most needed supplies and how you can help the survivors – by donating or training to volunteer. We train disaster volunteers year-round at locations throughout Texas. Train to become an on-call disaster volunteer.

We’re known for being the first service agency to arrive and the last to leave – our commitment is to help people through to the end. Once the dust settles, our staff and volunteers stay for weeks, months or even years until we’ve done all we can to help.

Get up to date news from the national Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services website , and find out how The Salvation Army EDS teams are involved in providing assistance across the country in times of disaster.