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If you need help with finding housing, we are here to help. Call us and make an appointment with a case manager.

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About Our Emergency Shelter Programs

The Salvation Army of the Coastal Bend is uniquely suited to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of men, women, children and veterans who seek shelter.

Our shelters are located at 513 Josephine St., Corpus Christi, TX 78401.

Our programs help individuals to focus on their needs and successfully transition from homelessness into a home of their own. Our case managers work with every individual and family to help them have successful outcomes.

The Salvation Army’s emergency shelters can assists up to 20 families, 50 single men, and 10 veterans. We serve an average of 12,000 meals, 700 hygiene products, and 200 baby products per month. Our shelters are filled to capacity on a regular basis.

Emergency Shelter Statistics

 Emergency Shelter 2019 2018
Individuals 2,409 2,316
Single Women 161 62
Children 448 383
Veterans 132 110

Success Rates

Because of the structure of our programs and the dedication of our case managers, the success rates of individuals not returning back to homelessness are excellent.

  • 97% success rate for Rapid Rehousing program
  • 87% success rate for Permanent Supportive Housing program, only one of its kind in South Texas serving chronically and disabled homeless people.
  • 62% Emergency Shelter success rate, HUD’s benchmark is 50% for ESG.

Family Shelter

We are the only shelter in the area that can house families as a whole unit. Whatever the family makeup, when they come in as a family, we house them together as a family, not separating anyone for any reason.

Because of the many families we serve, the average age in our Family Service Center is 9 years old.

Single Men and Women

We have special programs for single men and women to stay in our emergency shelter. They are housed, fed, and have case management to help set them up for success.