Did you know? There are approximately 50 children staying at The Salvation Army Family Shelter throughout the year. The average age is 9 years old! 

Every summer, The Salvation Army hosts a Back-to-School Clothes Shopping Day where each child is given a $250 gift card for a back-to-school wardrobe from J.C Penney. For many struggling families it takes a miracle to find the funds needed for new clothing purchases.

With your support, a child will have the opportunity to go back to school with new clothing items, including shirts, pants, shoes, socks, and other necessities. Every child deserves to go back to school feeling great and full of confidence! Let’s send them back to school ready to learn!

The Salvation Army kindly asks for a donation of $250 to sponsor a child in need of new clothing items for school. However, no donation is too small to make a difference ! For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please call (361) 884-9497

You can sponsor a child by credit card by clicking the button below.


Checks can be mailed to:

1804 Buford Street
Corpus Christi, TX,78404

Make check payable to: The Salvation Army Back to School