The Salvation Army Rehabilitation Programs – Restoring Lives and Families

  National Salvation Army Week, May 10-16, 2021

Dallas, Texas (May 10, 2021) – Each day in America, 6,500 people are hospitalized for substance abuse. That’s 6,500 families – moms, dads, and kids – disrupted by the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. For more than 100 years, The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers and rehab programs have offered spiritual, emotional, and social assistance to those who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves.

The Salvation Army’s Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program, known as the CSRC (Corps Salvage and Rehabilitation Center), is available to men and women regardless of economic status, race, color, sexual orientation, or national origin. Participants work with a variety of departments within The Salvation Army – thrift stores, security, maintenance, janitorial, etc. – as they rebuild a sense of routine, responsibility, and for many, self-worth. They receive housing, nourishing meals and medical care.

“Our program offers a clean and healthy living environment, good food, work therapy, leisure time activities, group and individual counseling, spiritual direction, and resources to assist each person develop life skills and a personal relationship with God,” said Lt. Colonel Ronnie Raymer, Divisional Commander of The Salvation Army in Texas. “The physical and spiritual care program participants receive prepares them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment. Many of those who have successfully completed the program are reunited with their families and resume a normal life.”

The CSRC Program is funded by the community’s donations of gently used furniture, clothing, and household items, which are sold in Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores. Pickup service is provided, and all donations are tax-deductible.

“I’ve learned a lot about patience. I’ve learned to listen and follow rules – I used to be real hard-headed,” said Shawn, a CRSC program participant. “It’s been life changing for me… I finish the program in three weeks. I’ve already got a job lined up and I’m excited to get home to my family.”

The Salvation Army in Texas is excited to celebrate National Salvation Army Week, May 10-16, 2021. Since 1889, The Salvation Army has faithfully and consistently worked to help Texans in need, 365 days a year, providing assistance to individuals and families who find themselves in crisis, shelter to those experiencing homelessness, food and meals to the hungry, rehabilitation to those suffering with addiction, and much more.

Heather hit rock bottom after more than six years of drug addiction. She needed help but had no idea where to find it.

“I was trying to figure out what to do. I’d just left an abusive relationship and with nowhere else to go, I walked to my parents’ house,” said Heather. Her parents called the police and from within a holding cell she made up her mind to clean up her life.

Heather learned about and checked in to the Reconnect rehabilitation program at The Salvation Army. The six-month faith-based program was better suited than other briefer programs available. The structure and discipline of the program was initially a major adjustment and challenge for Heather. However, she was determined to be successful despite seeing friends and other program participants fail. At one point she was the only female in the program and received individual attention and counseling. “I was thankful for that kind of attention,” she said.

Heather graduated after 10 months in the program and continued to live at The Salvation Army, while all the time gaining confidence and independence.

“It’s hard to believe where I am today. I’ve graduated the Reconnect program and am 370 days sober,” said Heather. “I’ve got a good job, have moved into my own apartment and bought a car. I am so grateful to The Salvation Army and am excited to be able to mentor and share my experiences with other women who struggle with addiction.”

In major cities around the country including Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, proceeds of sales at The Salvation Army Family Stores support the Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC), the nation’s largest free drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. The ARC program is similar to the CRSC rehabilitation found in smaller cities. This no cost, 180-day program provides housing, food, counseling, community, and employment as The Salvation Army works to treat the symptoms, and ultimately the root causes, of prolonged alcohol and drug dependence.

“I came to The Salvation Army ARC as an alcoholic, just beat down and broken. I had nowhere else to go, completed the 180-day program, and now I’m employed by The Salvation Army as a cook,” said Justin. “The Salvation Army means to me…hope. They fed me, they clothed me, and they accepted me. They brought hope back into my life.”

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