The Dynamic Duo – George & Edith Crittenden

In 1919 Evangeline Booth, daughter of the founders of The Salvation Army said, “There is no reward equal to doing the most good to the most people in the most need.” George and Edith Crittenden, from Fort Worth, have been married 70 years are the epitome of doing the most good.

Their passion is the ministry of Community Care and for 25 years they have been visiting local nursing homes, reaching out to people who sometimes have been forgotten. “A Salvation Army Major asked if we would visit Watson’s Memorial Rest Home. Its’ close to where we live so we were happy to do that,” said Edith. “It didn’t take long for other people to see or hear about us visiting and asked us to visit them. It ended up we were regularly visiting 37 nursing homes. Now we do 24 and just love it.”

“They spend hours talking, listening, visiting, giving, praying and sharing God’s love to not only the residents but also the caregivers” said Sgt. Karen Bilbrey, with The Salvation Army in Fort Worth. “At least 80 percent of the miles on their car is related to volunteering with The Salvation Army!”

People often ask why the couple spends so much time visiting others. The Crittenden’s feel that they have been called by God to share Christ’s love. “We take The Salvation Army literature, bibles and tracks, and Daily Bread devotional books and we like to get them some cheese crackers and snacks,” said George, who recently turned 97. “They soon perk up when we ask if they’d like some crackers.”

During the COVID pandemic the couple have prepared goody bags to drop off with Activity Directors but miss the opportunity to pray with people and see their faces.

“Most of the residents really want you to pray for them. That’s all they have left for their strength is the word of God and someone to show some love, for someone to show that they care,” said Edith. “I just thank God for The Salvation Army, what it stands for and their ministry, and how they reach out to the less fortunate. And my goodness there’s a lot of less fortunate people. I stress to everybody, when you give to The Salvation Army you know it’s going to go to Doing The Most Good.”