A Pathway of Hope – From Crisis to Self Sufficiency

After city shuts down apartments, Army helps family find permanent solution

The Romo family came to The Salvation Army in Lubbock at a time of personal crisis after their apartment complex was closed by the city. With debt issues preventing them from getting a home of their own, the family of six faced the possibility of being homeless and on the streets. Fortunately, The Salvation Army was there to help.

The family met with social services staff and moved into the emergency shelter. After more meetings, it was clear the Romos were motivated and committed to improving their situation and were ideal candidates for the Pathway of Hope program. This nationwide initiative provides enhanced services to families with children who desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis that repeats for generations. Families are introduced to both Salvation Army and other community services and together, with an assigned case worker, develop goals and a personalized action plan towards self-sufficiency.

“The Romo family’s dedication to the program was recognized immediately,” said Erica Hitt, Social Services Director for The Salvation Army in Lubbock. “They worked together to achieve every goal set before them and accomplished them with such grace. We helped the family develop a budget to effectively eliminate their bad debt, secure a second means of transportation and even establish a savings account.”

After seven months of working in the Pathway of Hope program, the family was able to move out of the shelter and into their own home. The Salvation Army partnered with the city, and in conjunction with an Emergency Solutions grant, a home was provided to them rent-free for a year. “The Romos have conquered every barrier set before them and there is no question they will have continued success on the path of self-sufficiency,” said Hitt.

“Their dreams are becoming a reality. We will continue to work with them to monitor and track their success. This family has inspired and humbled us all. Stories like this are the very reason I can say I love working for The Salvation Army.”