From Addiction to Independence at The Salvation Army

Mother DaughterHeather Jackson finally hit rock bottom after more than six years of drug addiction. She needed help but had no idea where to find it.

“I was trying to figure out what to do. I’d just left an abusive relationship and with nowhere else to go, I walked to my parents’ house,” said Heather. Her parents called the police and from within a holding cell she made up her mind to clean up her life.

Heather learned about and checked in to the Reconnect rehabilitation program at The Salvation Army Center of Hope in Tyler.  The six-month faith-based program was better suited than other shorter programs that were near her Bryan College Station home. The structure and discipline of the program was initially a major adjustment and challenge for Heather. However, she was determined to be successful despite seeing friends and other program participants fail. At one point she was the only female in the program and received individual attention and counseling, for which Heather is so grateful.

Throughout her time in Tyler, Heather’s family continued to provide love and support from afar. Her mother, Penny Jackson, spent countless hours volunteering as a bell ringer for The Salvation Army in Bryan-College Station throughout the Christmas season, as a testament to the program that saved her daughter’s life.

“She went to Tyler with literally nothing but she found God and recovery through The Salvation Army,” said Mrs. Jackson. “She was raised knowing about God, but it took her to drop to zero in order to receive the blessing. The Salvation Army saved my daughter.”

In October 2015 Heather graduated after 10 months in the Reconnect program and continued to live at The Salvation Army, while all the time gaining confidence and independence.

“It’s hard to believe where I am today. I’ve graduated the Reconnect program and am 370 days sober,” said Heather. “I’ve got a good job, have moved into my own apartment and bought a car. I am so grateful to The Salvation Army and am excited to be able to mentor and share my experiences with other women who struggle with addiction.”

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