books a million

The Salvation Army Salutes Books-A-Million!

Books a Million has partnered with The Salvation Army for several years by hosting a holiday fundraising campaign in their stores each year.  Their holiday campaign raised $10,308 for Texas.  Funds raised will provide social services in the following cities: Abilene, Beaumont, Greater Dallas/Fort Worth, greater Houston, Laredo, Longview, San Antonio, Sherman, Texarkana and Wichita Falls.

Kroger community rewards program

Shop at Kroger to Support Salvation Army!

Kroger has created the Community Rewards program to help nonprofit groups and faith-based organizations that focus on hunger relief, education, diversity and health and wellness.  Salvation Army units across Texas are already enrolled in the program.

Here’s how you can help your local Salvation Army:

  • Apply for a Kroger Plus card, if you don’t already have one at a local Kroger store.  Visit for more details.
  • Link your Kroger Plus card to a Salvation Army participant number of your choice.
  • Each time you shop at Kroger’s, a portion of your store purchase benefits your selected Salvation Army.

Here’s a list of enrolled Salvation Army units and their participant number:

  • The Salvation Army of Texas City 80406
  • The Salvation Army of Brownwood 80827
  • The Salvation Army of Galveston 80905
  • The Salvation Army of Nacogdoches 82560
  • The Salvation Army of Freeport 82992
  • The Salvation Army of Longview 91341
  • The Salvation Army of Cleburne 91899
  • The Salvation Army of Houston 92012
  • The Salvation Army of Sherman 92926
  • The Salvation Army of Bryan 92980
  • The Salvation Army of Marshall 93594
  • The Salvation Army of Paris 93701
  • The Salvation Army of Granbury 94103
  • The Salvation Army of Palestine 94165
  • The Salvation Army of Huntsville 94707

National Salvation Army Week is here!

Today’s no ordinary Monday – it’s the first day of our 60th annual National Salvation Army Week. This week of recognition was first declared by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954 – 74 years after The Salvation Army arrived in the U.S. – who stated in his proclamation:

“Among Americans, The Salvation Army has long been a symbol of wholehearted dedication to the cause of human brotherhood . . . Their work has been a constant reminder to us all that each of us is neighbor and kin to all Americans, giving freely of themselves, the men and women of The Salvation Army have won the respect of us all.”

Each year we use this week to say ‘thank you’ to the three million volunteers who give of their time and talents to The Salvation Army and enable critical services to communities, families and individuals in need. If you can believe it, that’s 8,000 volunteers “Doing the Most Good” for their neighbors each day!

Celebrating our supporters, throughout this week we will be featuring fans and followers on social media who told us how they “Do the Most Good” in their own communities by using the hashtag #IDTMG on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We hope you’ll join in and tell us how you choose to give back each day.

The Salvation Army is celebrating National Salvation Army Week in a variety of ways this week across the country. For events near you, visit and to find a list of locations.

Here are just a few events taking place during the week around Texas.

Abilene, TX

“Behind the Red Shield” Lunch and Tour, donut day

Harlingen, TX

Mayoral Proclamation

Houston, TX – Northwest Corps

Boys and Girls Club anti-bullying rallies, Emergency Disaster Response Training

Kerrville, TX Corps & Kroc Center

County Judge Proclamation & Flag Raising, distributing coffee and donuts at City Hall, AM Radio Show appearance, “Behind the Red Shield” Lunch and Tour, Mayoral Proclamation, deliver donuts to all first responders, Kroc member appreciation, “Behind the Red Shield” Reception, Thrift Store Donor Appreciation Day (Prizes Given Away), local restaurant support throughout NSAW

Longview, TX

Mayoral Proclamation, “Behind the Red Shield” Lunch and Tour, cook-out

Tyler, TX

Mayoral Proclamation, 9th Annual Doing the Most Good Fundraising Luncheon, “Fans for Life” Collaborative Drive

Winter Storm Relief

North and East Texas was hit by winter storms and tornados on Wednesday evening, December 23. In Lufkin, TX, The Salvation Army supplied meals on Christmas Eve to 60 individuals and made plans to provide gifts on Christmas Day to children housed in the Southside Baptist shelter. 258 homes were damaged and 58 homes destroyed when a tornado struck the city. About 3,500 homes and businesses were without power after 30 utility poles toppled in the storm.

Salvation Army mobile feeding kitchens from Tyler and Longview were deployed on Wednesday evening. Longview reported tornado damage to 4 homes and many more commercial buildings.

The small city of Burkburnett, near Wichita Falls, unexpectedly received 8 inches of snow in a matter of hours. Local residents were cut off by the snow and The Salvation Army responded by arranging a charge account for meals with a local grocery store.

The Salvation Army continues to work closely with DPS authorities across the Panhandle as they assist with stranded drivers in the winter weather.