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On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas. What followed was the largest Salvation Army disaster response effort in recent Texas history.

Melanie Pang, Manager of Emergency Services in Houston, reflects on her own involvement in The Salvation Army response efforts following Hurricane Harvey. Working closely with city partners she continues to facilitate support and assistance to those struggling to recover from the storm.

Patrick, a committed volunteer and church member of The Salvation Army Aldine Westfield in Houston, lost everything in the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. Growing up attending The Salvation Army church and Boys & Girls Club programs, Patrick has a unique perspective on giving back to others and serving his community.

Captain Jay Ward, The Salvation Army Officer from Houston Northwest Corps, rescued residents from flooded homes in a boat with his son as flood waters continued to rise. Months later, returning to the same neighborhood, he recounts that experience and the impact it made in his life.

The Salvation Army in Pasadena, Houston, ministers in a community that was significantly impacted by Hurricane Harvey. At the height of the storm, individuals and families with nowhere to go were brought to The Salvation Army in dump trucks seeking shelter and assistance. Captains Luis and Marianne Villanueva were there to receive, help and comfort more than 200 people who came to The Salvation Army in their time of crisis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much was raised and how was the money spent?

Thanks to the generous support of the American public, corporate donors, and philanthropic organizations, The Salvation Army raised over $30 million for Hurricane Harvey response and recovery efforts. The long-term recovery of storm survivors, with their many and varied needs, is an ongoing focus for The Salvation Army, and is where the bulk of donated funding is allocated. $12 million was spent on the emergency response operations including the deployment of 103 mobile kitchens and EDS teams for up to eight weeks. During response operations, The Salvation Army provided nearly 1 million meals, drinks and snacks, more than 15,000 cleanup kits, and employees and volunteers served more than 140,000 hours. Emotional and spiritual care was provided to 57,000 individuals who received prayer and words of encouragement during the response efforts.

As the disaster response transitioned from immediate response to long-term recovery services, The Salvation Army continues to support affected families and to help rebuild communities. The Salvation Army has committed the balance of the total donated, $18 million, to long-term recovery. Ongoing services include case management and direct aid for disaster survivors, opening and operating eight warehouses serving as Points of Distribution in affected areas, programs to help survivors replace furnishings, appliances and general household items, and building materials to assist homeowners in repairing damage to homes.

What impact did my gift make?

If you made a financial donation to Hurricane Harvey, 100% of that gift was used in support of that event. Donations may be used to provide food and drinks, cleaning supplies and other essential commodities, direct financial aid to those affected, or to support disaster relief workers.

  • A $10 donation provided food for a disaster survivor for one day
  • A $30 donation provided one food box containing staple foods for a family of four, or one household cleanup kit containing brooms, mops, buckets and other cleaning supplies
  • A $100 donation provided snacks and drinks for 125 survivors and emergency personnel
  • A $250 donation provide one hot meal for 100 people or kept a hydration station operational for 24 hours
  • A $500 donation kept a Salvation Army mobile kitchen operational for one day

How did volunteers assist The Salvation Army in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts?

Volunteers provide a vital role in disaster response efforts by offering practical support to first responders and basic assistance to survivors who may have lost everything. The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) operates a robust and comprehensive volunteer training program. Trained and certified Salvation Army volunteers are the first to be deployed during times of disaster. Volunteer training classes are available for: incident management, mobile kitchen operations, food service, emotional and spiritual care and basic first aid/CPR training among others.

The Salvation Army operates a Service Extension program in Texas where volunteers deliver year-round assistance to those in need in rural Texas communities. Many Service Extension volunteers, already certified as registered disaster workers, proved invaluable during Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. In addition to working many hours of front-line service in affected communities, volunteers were instrumental in leveraging local partnerships and relationships to provide additional support.

Salvation Army staff and volunteers served more than 140,000 hours in the first eight weeks of Hurricane Harvey response efforts alone. Many individuals came alongside The Salvation Army in affected communities who simply wanted to help. Our volunteers worked tirelessly in support of relief efforts. We are grateful to all who served and encourage these and anyone else interested to register as a Salvation Army volunteer at

How does The Salvation Army respond to such a large-scale disaster?

The Salvation Army is an international organization that has more than 7,500 centers of operation in the USA. In response to Hurricane Harvey, EDS teams from within Texas and as far afield as Hawaii, Canada and California were deployed to serve, along with units from our neighboring states. Teams consisting of Salvation Army Officers, employees and trained volunteers deployed for 14 days at a time to affected areas along the Texas coastline. At the peak of service, 103 mobile kitchens were serving the needs of communities in Texas.

While every disaster is unique and creates its own special needs, the core of The Salvation Army’s disaster program consists of several basic services. And while these services address many of the typical needs of a disaster survivor, Salvation Army disaster relief is also flexible. Our services are adapted to the specific needs of individuals and communities and scalable according to the magnitude of the disaster.

What is The Salvation Army doing today to help those still recovering from Hurricane Harvey?

One year after Hurricane Harvey made landfall The Salvation Army continues to work with individuals and families who are struggling to put their lives back together. In affected cities The Salvation Army caseworkers meet with those in need, set achievable goals and plot a course of recovery towards self-sufficiency. Storm survivors may receive financial assistance and referrals to partner agencies and other non-governmental organizations. The distribution of food, water, clothing and personal hygiene items is an ongoing effort in affected areas. Currently, there are eight Salvation Army distribution centers in operation.

Special efforts have been made to reach into underserved communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. Local partnerships and assistance programs, under the supervision of Salvation Army Regional Recovery Managers, are finding creative ways to provide assistance and resources in rural areas.

Additionally, new partnerships have been established with corporations supporting Hurricane Harvey recovery including JCPenney, Rooms To Go, Ashley Furniture, Good360, and Mattress Firm. These special partners are providing furniture, appliances and household items, and materials to support home repairs to survivors.

How can I volunteer with The Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army does not currently have any volunteer opportunities available specifically related to Hurricane Harvey. However, if you are interested in serving as a Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services volunteer in the future please register online at

Training courses are available in a variety of areas including incident management, mobile kitchen operations, food service, emotional and spiritual care as well as basic first aid and CPR training. Sign up today!

Your local Salvation Army is always in need of volunteers and would be delighted to put you to work! Please contact your nearest Salvation Army and find out what current volunteer opportunities they have available. To find your nearest Salvation Army location go to

Can I donate to ongoing Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts?

Absolutely! You can support ongoing Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts by donating online or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY

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We Would Like to Thank the Following Organizations for their Continued Partnership in Support of Hurricane Harvey Recovery:


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The Salvation Army Texas

Thank you to Westlake Ace Hardware and their customers for donating more than 1,000 fans for distribution by The Salvation Army to those struggling to beat the heat in Texas this summer.

The Salvation Army of North Texas collected 560 box fans for distribution in the DFW Metroplex area. For information about eligibility to receive a fan, contact your local Salvation Army. #DoingTheMostGoodWe are picking up a total of 560 box fans from the Westlake Ace Hardware store at Farmers Branch for distribution to people in need in the DFW Metroplex to help them beat the summer heat.

Westlake customers at various locations in the Metroplex donated over $7,700 to purchase 510 box fans, and Westlake donated an additional 50 fans.

For information about eligibility to receive a fan, contact your local Salvation Army.
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