The Salvation Army is first a church. Citadel and Temple Corp provide a number of Worship opportunities for El Pasoans. Whether you are looking to connect with God for the first time, or looking to reconnect in a different way, The Salvation Army invites you to attend a service.

Citadel Corp

The Salvation Army Citadel Corp is located at 4900 Hercules in Northeast El Paso.

Service Schedule


  • Bible Study 6:00pm
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 6:00pm
    • F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is an evening group for women.


  • Youth Programs 6:00pm
    • Dinner is served to all participants. Club316 Curriculum is used.


  • Home League 1:00pm
    • Homeleague is a daytime group for women.


  • Sunday School 9:45
  • Holiness Meeting 11:00

Temple Corp

El cuerpo del Templo del Ejército de Salvación ofrece servicios de adoración bilingües. Temple Corp comparte actualmente con Citadel corp en 4900 Hercules.

The Salvation Army Temple Corp offers bilingual worship services. Temple Corp is currently co-located with Citadel corp at 4900 Hercules.

Horario de Servicio/ Service Schedule

Lunes/ Mondays:

  • Actividades Juveniles/ Youth Activities 4:00pm-8:00pm

Martes/ Tuesdays:

  • Corp Oración/ Corp Prayer 1:00pm
  • Grupo de Mujeres/ Women’s Group 1:30pm
  • Grupo de Varones/ Men’s Group 1:30pm
  • Estudio Biblico/ Bible Study 2:30pm

Domingo/ Sundays:

  • Escuela Dominical/ Sunday School 10:00am
  • Reunion de Santidad/ Holiness Meeting 11:00am
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