Happy Children - There are so many ways you can help - Wish List

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Below is a list of wish list items needed at The Salvation Army in Austin. If a quantity is not noted it signifies an ongoing need. To arrange a drop-off, or to organize a wish list drive, please email or call Donna Clendennen at Donna_Clendennen@uss.salvationarmy.org or 512-634-5921.

Therapy Department Wish List


Creative Materials/Art Supplies
CD player/radio – 2
Sensory toys
Books and Felt Sets
Fish Tank Set Up
Balance Beams, Step-a-Logs, Balance Board, Platform Stilts
Pack ‘N Play

2 weighted blankets – 1 child size, 1 adult size
2 weighted wraps
2 weighted lap pads
White Noise Machine
Noise Machine – nature sounds
DSM 5 – Two copies
Hair clippers (for our boys to get their hair cut as often as needed)


Band-Aids – all kinds, shapes, sizes, colors – always need these
Scented lotions – we will always need these for trauma and sensory processing needs
Tall feathers (peacock or other)

Emergency Items

Perfume/Body Spray

Play Therapy

Wizard Hat
Magic Tricks – as many as possible
Super Hero Costumes – as many as possible
Capes – as many as possible
Ballet – as many as possible
Princess/Dress Up/Wigs – as much as possible
Fire Fighter Gear/Costumes – 2
Police Office Gear/Costumes – 2
Dress Up Storage Units
Twin Tower Play Theatre
Director’s Clapboard – 1
Keys – as many as possible
Wands – 2-4
Stethoscope (real) – 2
Doctor supplies including white lab jacket/nurse hat – as many as possible
Cell phones – 3-4
Portable recording devices – 3-4
Castles, Knights, Dragons, anything mythical – as many as possible
Doll Families and Sets – as many as possible
Baby dolls and supplies (various ethnicities)
Barbie and supplies – (various ethnicities)
Musical Instruments – as many as possible
Anything that has to do with feeding, nurturing, care taking (bottles, kitchen stuff)
Puppets/Puppet Tree – especially magical/mythical, monsters, families, helpers, angel, Santa Claus, kids
Manipulatives and Squeeze Balls
Behavior Charts/Stickers
Sequencing Cards

Outdoor Play/Learning/Therapy

Birding Books/Binoculars
Hula Hoops

Wish List for Williamson County Service Center

Clothing: Men, Women, boys, girls-  all seasons
Hygiene products- toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, conditioner, soap
Baby items-diapers, blankets
Toys, stuffed animals, coloring books
Laundry baskets, bags
Laundry detergent
Plastic Hangers
Canned and boxed food
Shopping Bags
Food Boxes

Shelter Learning Lab Wish List

Disinfectant wipes
Cleaning wipes
Disinfectant spray
Water color paint
Construction paper
White board markers
Child aprons
Popsicle sticks
Tissue paper
Cork board
Buttons (assorted sizes)
Packing tape
Scotch tape
Duct tape
Letter and number stencils
String or yarn (different colors)
Board Games for older children, such as: SORRY, Monopoly, Guess Who
Toys for children up to age eight