Words of Welcome to Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury from General Linda Bond

General Linda Bond, international leader of The Salvation Army, has sent messages of welcome to Pope Francis I and to the Rt Hon and Most Rev Justin Welby, who will be enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the Church of England, on March 21.

To Archbishop Welby she wrote:

“The Church universal faces great challenges as we seek to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ and so I want to assure you that Salvationists stand with their Anglican sisters and brothers in the cause of Christ. God bless and keep you and grant you wisdom, courage and strength.”

In her message to His Holiness Pope Francis she said: “My prayer is that God will give you physical and spiritual strength, as well as holy courage, so that you might stand firm as a true soldier of Jesus Christ. God bless and keep you always and grant you his peace.”

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Photo Courtesy of the Vatican Radio – English Section Facebook Page.

Salvation Army Today—March 14

Salvation Army Today—March 14

There’s a new Salvation Army Today posted! This week they revisit Japan two years after the 2011 tsunami and listen to one man’s story of triumph over addiction.

Lubbock Blankets For Shelter Featured Image

Students From Cavazos Middle School Makes Blanket Donation To Lubbock’s Shelter

It is awesome when young people come together and get involved! These middle school students donated blankets to The Salvation Army of Lubbock’s shelter. Great job guys! Go Cavaliers!

Texas Youth Councils 2013 Logo

On This Day In History—March 14

In 1897, the first Salvation Army united youth meetings (Youth Councils) took place. This year The Salvation Army Youth Councils in Texas will be held April 5th-7th with “Take Time” Hosea 10:12 as the theme. An anticipated 600 young people from across Texas will meet at Camp Hoblitzelle for this 2013 weekend retreat!

The weekend is designed to help youth connect with God with powerful worship, exciting dramas, and creative messages that are relevant to what is going on in their lives today. We want, more than anything, for them to return home knowing what it means to love and serve Jesus and to have a relationship with Him.


Women’s Ministries Associate Employee Position

The Women’s Ministries department at Divisional Headquarters has an open employee position “Women’s Ministries Associate” to fill. We are excited about this opportunity to add to our team! If you know of anyone in the Dallas area that might be a good candidate for us to consider please pass this information on them ASAP. We are looking to hire mid April . . . beginning to interview right away.

In order to be considered for the position, all applications must be submitted via the career site that Divisional Headquarters uses: www.salvationarmycareers.org .

French Salvation Army Cups

On This Day In History—March 13

In 1881, the first French Salvation Army meeting took place in Paris. Today, the French Salvation Army Foundation:

  • serves 110,000 meals with volunteer help
  • accommodates 160,000 persons in its emergency shelters
  • receives 74,000 persons in its day centers
  • cares for 50 patients in its convalescent home
  • helps 40 missing persons to reunite with loved ones through its Family Tracing Service

Vision Plan

On This Day In History—March 12

In 1998, The Salvation Army International Conference of Leaders was held in Melbourne, Australia. Last year in 2012, the ICL met to prayerfully and strategically consider the International Vision Plan for One Army, One Mission, One Message. There are over 120 leaders that attend the ICL from every Salvation Army territory and command, together with commissioners serving on International Headquarters and USA national leaders.

USA National Commander Visits Minamisannriku

Japan Tsunami Recovery Continues With Help from Salvation Army

Courtesy of www.theaustralian.com.au

Contributed by Brian Swarts, Assistant Program Director – Strategic Planning for The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO).

Two years ago today, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan creating a tsunami large and powerful enough to rush several miles inland and cover the rooftops of five-story buildings. Nearly 19,000 were left dead or missing and over 300,000 were displaced. In Japan this day is remembered as 3.11.

On that day, thousands were forced out of their homes into temporary shelters. Most of these people lost not only their homes, but also their livelihoods and their friends. Yet, in the midst of this tragedy, The Salvation Army was ready with open arms and helping hands from the very beginning, and we continue today walking alongside communities as they strive to rebuild their lives.

Immediately after the disaster hit, Salvation Army corps opened up their doors to provide food and shelter to victims and our canteen (mobile kitchen) vehicles traveled from shelter to shelter to share hot meals and words of comfort with those who were suffering. The Salvation Army also provided heaters and other essential items to help elderly citizens and families prepare for a harsh winter in their temporary homes.

Since 3.11.11, we have been working hand-in-hand with several hard-hit fishing villages on the northeast coast, offering hope and vital resources for their recovery. In the town of Onagawa, The Salvation Army has worked with city officials, the chamber of commerce and a local company, Trident Seafoods, to build a temporary shopping center so business owners could get back to work and locals would have a place to meet their basic needs. We have also supported the local fisherman’s union, the life blood of this small community, to replace lost boats and equipment so they would not miss the fishing season. Similar efforts have been undertaken in other towns, such as Ofunato and Mininamisanriku, which even has a campaign to promote tourism by building a tsunami remembrance hall and inviting outside visitors to celebrate important Japanese festivals in solidarity with their town. It is the temporary shopping center, supported by The Salvation Army, which is at the heart of all of these efforts.

The Salvation Army donated forklifts and other essential equipment to devastated villages.

Donations allowed The Salvation Army to provide fishing boats to hard-hit villages.

Yet, the most memorable gestures of support are smaller ones. They are the stories of Salvation Army officers celebrating Christmas with elderly citizens isolated in temporary housing shelters or the support that The Salvation Army has given to a woman helping youth with developmental disabilities – she is the only source of comfort and support in her small town for many who are dealing with the tragedy.

Visiting with displaced senior citizens residing at temporary shelters.

Commissioner William A. Roberts, National Commander of The Salvation Army USA visits the town of Minamisannriku, where The Salvation Army continues to serve and provide recovery services.

Doing The Most Good we can for those in greatest need is central to the mission of The Salvation Army and we have a vision to continue doing this in Japan as communities recover. After two years most victims, many of them elderly and alone, are still displaced from their homes and hometowns. The Salvation Army has been requested by the local government to visit and provide counseling to these residents to ensure they know that they have not been forgotten and they do not lose hope for the future.

If you would like to support The Salvation Army’s continued recovery efforts in Japan and around the world, please donate to The Salvation Army’s World Service Office at: https://donate.salvationarmyusa.org/SAWSO.

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Hallelujah Lassies and Commissioner George Scott Railton

On This Day In History—March 11

Just yesterday in 1880, The Salvation Army “officially” started work in the United States. Commissioner George Scott Railton and seven female officers, ‘Hallelujah Lassies,’ landed in New York City after having been sent from England by Salvation Army founder William Booth to begin their ministry in this country. Doing The Most Good!

Chefs For Hope

Chefs for Hope Program Provides Life-Changing Culinary Education

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is the philosophy that inspired The Salvation Army’s Culinary Training Program in Louisville, KY, an intensive 10-week course which offers individuals who are struggling with homelessness, poverty and addiction, the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to obtain an entry level position in the culinary industry.

The innovative program is widely supported by area restaurants as well as Sullivan University, which helps provide guest lectures, field trips, chef’s attire, food, and most importantly, employment opportunities for graduates.

“What makes this program so good is that it continues to ring towards our goal of offering a hand up and not a hand out,” said Todd Lanham, Chairman of The Salvation Army, Louisville Area Command. “It essentially gives opportunities to people who haven’t had opportunities in the past, and through the program they are able to grow, turn their life around and ultimately give back to their communities.”

Upon completion of the course, culinary students have the opportunity to work with the city’s top chefs in creating a six-course meal for the annual Chef’s for Hope gala that raises essential funds for the program. With 125 foodies in attendance at last week’s gala, the event raised approximately $31,000 which will support two 10-week sessions this year.

“Students in this program take the opportunity and run with it,” said Lanham. “Chefs for Hope is really changing lives.”

Click here to learn more about The Salvation Army’s Culinary Training Program in Louisville, or find them on Facebook.

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